«New Gallery» established in 1989 in Moscow.
We specializes in Soviet Art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-50s.:
Painting, Drawing, Poster, Applied Art.
This is one of the largest assemblage among the private collections.
The gallery bears the responsibility for all the information accompanying on the exhibitors.

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The romanticism of socialist realism -
- the other side of the coin.
The soviet art of the 1920-1950s.
The illustrated album-catalogue.


Enver D. Ishmametov

1916, village Alagulovo, Penza region - 1992, Moscow

E. Ishmametov studied at the Moscow State Art Institute under S.V. Gerasimov, G.M. Shegal, A.A. Deineka from 1937 up to 1942. He participated regularly in All-Union and Republican art exhibitions since 1944: "The Exhibition of Soviet Paintings and Graphics" (Moscow, 1949); "Spring Exhibitions of Moscow Painters and Sculptors" (Moscow, 1947, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1959, 1962); "Socialist Moscow in Works of Moscow Artists" (Moscow, 1957) and others. Works of the artist are kept in the Art Museum of the Irkutsk Oblast, Tatarstan Museum of Fine Arts, as well in the museums and in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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Moscow Roofs, 1950s
Московские крыши, 1950е
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Sabantui (Oriental celebration), 1950s
Сабантуй, 1950е
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Oriental Talk, 1950s
Восточный разговор, 1950е
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Urban Sketch, 1949
Городской этюд. 1949
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At Kolkhoz Field, 1950s
У колхозного поля. 1950e
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Conversation, 1950s
Беседа, 1950е
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Roses on the Veranda, 1950s
Розы на веранде, 1950е
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A Village Woman, 1950s
Селянка, 1950е
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Poultry Farm, 1950s
На птицеферме целины, 1950е


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