«New Gallery» established in 1989 in Moscow.
We specializes in Soviet Art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-50s.:
Painting, Drawing, Poster, Applied Art.
This is one of the largest assemblage among the private collections.
The gallery bears the responsibility for all the information accompanying on the exhibitors.

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The romanticism of socialist realism -
- the other side of the coin.
The soviet art of the 1920-1950s.
The illustrated album-catalogue.


Pavel T. Koshevoy

1906, Mariupol - 1978, Moscow

P. Koshevoy studied in Moscow at the Lunacharsky United Workers' Faculty of Arts during 1928-1931. He graduated from the Leningrad Academy of Arts (A.I. Savinov's studio) in 1937. He was an instructor at the Moscow Art School for Gifted Children since 1938. He acquired a status of an assistant professor at the Arts Department of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1940 (by recommendation of a Peoples' Artist of the USSR B. Joganson). He participated regularly in the All-Union and Republican exhibitions since 1934: "The15th Anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League" (Moscow, 1934). His  personal exhibition took place in Leningrad (1937). "The 20th Anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League" (Moscow, 1939); "The Exhibition of Soviet Film Posters" (Moscow, 1960). Works of the artist are kept in the State Tretyakov's Gallery; the Central Museum of V.I. Lenin; the State Museum of Revolution; etc.

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Woman's Portrait, 1956
Женский портрет. 1956
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Still Life with Cabbage, Fish, 1950s
Натюрморт с капустой, рыбой. 1950е
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Still Life with a Violin, 1950s
Натюрморт со скрипкой. 1950е
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Self Portrait with a Cigarette, 1940s
Автопортрет с сигаретой. 1940е
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Lilac in a White Pitcher, 1950s
Натюрморт с сиренью в белом кувшине. 1950е
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Budyony's Soldier, 1950s
Девушка в форме буденовца. 1950-е
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A Portrait with a Book and a Sculpture
Портрет Веры с книгой и скульптурой. 1950е
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A jug with Flowers. 1952
Кувшин с цветами. 1952
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Man's Portrait, 1950s
Мужской портрет. 1950е
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Portrait of a Woman in a Purple Blouse, 1950s
Портрет женщины в фиолетовой блузе. 1950е
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Dry Flowers in a Clay Pot, 1950s
Сухие цветы в глиняном горшочке. 1950е


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