«New Gallery» established in 1989 in Moscow.
We specializes in Soviet Art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-50s.:
Painting, Drawing, Poster, Applied Art.
This is one of the largest assemblage among the private collections.
The gallery bears the responsibility for all the information accompanying on the exhibitors.

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The romanticism of socialist realism -
- the other side of the coin.
The soviet art of the 1920-1950s.
The illustrated album-catalogue.


Alexandr I. Segal

1905, Poland - 1971, Leningrad

A. Segal graduated from the Leningrad Academy of Arts in 1927. In the beginning of 30s as an art director he was engaged in the Alexandrinsky Theatre in Leningrad.

In 1934 he also worked as M.P. Bobyshev's assistant in the Theatre-scenery Art Workshop under the Leningrad Academy of Art. It was there where he followed teaching as a career. In 1964 he acquires the headship of this same Workshop as well as the status of a professor of painting.

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Writer N. Nikitin, 1956
Портрет писателя Н.Никитина. 1956
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At a Party Meeting. 1950s
На партсобрании. 1950е
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Girl on verandah, 1950s
Портрет девочки, сидящей на веранде
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Husband and Wife, 1934
Муж и жена. 1934
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At the Grand Piano, 1950s
У рояля. 1950е
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View of a Moscow Skyscraper, 1950s
Вид на московскую высотку. 1950е
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Winter. Zagorsk. 1944
Зима. Загорск. 1944
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In the country, 1950s
На даче. 1950е


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