«New Gallery» established in 1989 in Moscow.
We specializes in Soviet Art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-50s.:
Painting, Drawing, Poster, Applied Art.
This is one of the largest assemblage among the private collections.
The gallery bears the responsibility for all the information accompanying on the exhibitors.

The contact for questions
concerning acquisition:

Russia, Moscow


About Gallery Painting Graphics Poster Applied Art Press



The romanticism of socialist realism -
- the other side of the coin.
The soviet art of the 1920-1950s.
The illustrated album-catalogue.




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Be ready! 1955
Будь готов! 1955
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Do keep an eye on your children! 1951
Не оставляйте детей без присмотра!
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Let us take care and show motherly caress to orphans! 1947
Окружим заботой и материнской лаской детей-сирот! 1947
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Children are our future. Don't deprive yourself of mother's happiness. 1946
Дети - наше будущее. Не лишайте себя радости материнства. 1946
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We have defended our Motherland... 1946
Мы отстояли Родину... 1946
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The pioneer loves the nature... 1959
Пионер любит природу... 1959
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Children are happiness for a Soviet family
Дети - радость советской семьи. 1940
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Christmas Tree Brought to the School.
Привезли елку в школу. 1954
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Opening of Theatre for Children. 1932
Открытие театра для детей в Госнардоме.
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Long live young Pioneers! 1939
Да здравствуют юные пионеры! 1939


Contact us:
The New Gallery, Moscow, RUSSIA
(495) 251-25-98, 8-916-159-73-81