«New Gallery» established in 1989 in Moscow.
We specializes in Soviet Art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-50s.:
Painting, Drowing, Placard, Applied Art.
This is one of the largest assemblage among the private collections.
The gallery bears the responsibility for all the information accompanying on the exhibitors.

The contact for questions
concerning acquisition:

Russia, Moscow


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The Gallery possesses the collection of Russian and Soviet posters from 1880 to 1950s.This is one of the largest posters assemblage in Russia among private collections ( about 1300 depository units ).

In our collection:

Pre-Revolutionary Russian placard and posters (commercial, advertising, theater)

Soviet Propaganda placard of 1917-1937

Soviet Constructivist placard of 1920-1932

Pre-War Soviet placard of 1932-1941

War- time placard of 1941-1945

After-War placard of 1945-1960

The posters from the Gallery's collection were exhibited in Russia and abroad:

Pre-and after-Revolutionary Posters.
Moscow, Russia, "Oriental Gallery"

Tradition and modern world. Retrospection of the Soviet Revolutionary posters. 1917-37. Padova, Italy

Soviet Revolutionary placard.
Vienna, Austria, "Karenin's Gallery"

Russian pre-Revolutionary commercial posters.
Moscow, Russia, "UNION Gallery"

Soviet Constructivist placard.
Moscow, Russia, "ROSIZO Gallery"

Russian Propaganda posters.
Paris, France, Trade Mission of Russia in France

Moscow. Design. Architecture. Construction.1930-1950s.
Turin, Italy, The Academy of Arts (with the participation of Shchusev Architectural Museum)

"Let us all go to the elections." Exhibition posters.
Moscow, Russia, "UNION Gallery"

Exhibition of the Film posters.
Moscow, Russia, "UNION Gallery"

Russian artists for the city of Nizhniy Novgorod.
Posters from the "New Gallery" collection. Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Russian Posters and Trade packaging of the late 19th to early 20th century.
Moscow, Russia, "ROSIZO Gallery"

Russian and Soviet Circus posters.
Moscow, Russia, "UNION Gallery"

Propaganda and Dreams : Photography of 1930s , USA and USSR.
Washington, USA, Gallery-Museum of fine arts "Korcoran"

Pre-Revolutionary Russian advertising posters.
Moscow, Russia, The Central House of Artists;

6th Russian antique salon Russian Propaganda posters, 1917-1937.
Lugano, Switzerland, Municipal Gallery

Sources of Russian design.
Moscow, Russia, The central House of Artists, Exhibition "Design and Advertising"

"Don't play the fool, America!" (Soviet posters of the "cold war" period, 1950th).
Moscow, Russia, "UNION Gallery"

and other EXHIBITIONS.

! If you are interested in copies:
"New Gallery" works only with the original posters. Our prices for the originals are usually 2/3 of those of the Sotheby's Specialised Auction on Soviet Constructivist Poster (March, 1994). In case you decide to purchase more than one of the posters, we can discuss the discount system.

We can also make the high class copies of the chosen posters, which belong to the Gallery collection.The copy price depends on the quantity of the ordered copies and the size of the copy. The price per each copy is from 60 USD up to 250 USD + door-to-door delivery price. Time for delivery - 2-3 weeks.
The way of payment is 100% prepayment.

In case you are really interested in something in particular, please, let us know the ## (or the names) of the items and you will get our price list as soon as possible.
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and Cosmetics
and Propaganda
Film Poster
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Contact us:
The New Gallery, Moscow, RUSSIA
(495) 251-25-98, 8-916-159-73-81